What is HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards?
The HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards is a rewards programme (hereinafter referred to us ‘the Programme’ for frequent buyers at HKTDC Trade Fairs and on hktdc.com Online Marketplace.
How can I enrol into the Programme?
Online Registration: You will be automatically enrolled into the Programme after submitting 1 enquiry form to our supplier on hktdc.com or placing 1 online order with successful on hktdc.com Small Orders.

Registration at HKTDC Exhibitions: When you attend any of the business matching meeting / premier business matching session / buyer forum cum speed matching session or register for an e-Badge during HKTDC Exhibitions, you will be automatically enrolled into the Programme. You can also register at our Buyer Loyalty Rewards Service Counter during selected HKTDC Exhibitions*.

Currently the Programme only accepts enrolment from overseas buyers.

*Please refer to our General Terms & Conditions for details.
How can I advance to higher tiers?
Upon successful enrolment and activation of membership, all buyers will be immediately granted with the Bronze membership. The Programme will start monitoring your sourcing activities at HKTDC Exhibitions and on hktdc.com and adjust your membership level accordingly. You can refer to the tag - Membership Types for the qualifications of each tier.
How can I earn reward points?

Please refer to https://loyalty-rewards.hktdc.com/earn-points.html.

How can I check my reward point balance?
HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards Account Summary will be sent to your hktdc.com registered email every month. You can also check your reward point balance by logging into your personal HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards account.
Can I purchase, exchange or transfer the reward points?
Reward Points and prizes cannot be purchased, exchanged for cash, combined with or transferred to other account(s).
I have recently switched companies, will this affect the points accrued in my previous job title?
Yes, you must inform our Rewards Team of the change via buyer-rewards@hktdc.org, so that we can keep track of your points in case your previous email address is deactivated. We will be able to match your old login email to your new login email once you have changed your account details in the app, and transfer your points back to you within 2 weeks.
Is there any validity or maximum limit for the points?
Reward points are subject to expiry for a period of time no shorter than 2 years. Members can earn points at a maximum amount of 12,000 points per month (5,000 for sourcing activity made at hktdc.com or HKTDC Marketplace app and 7,000 for HKTDC Exhibitions activity).
I have not used my email account to make enquiry for two years, is my account or points accrued before still valid?
The membership account which has not recorded any sourcing activity made on hktdc.com for the past 24 successive months will be suspended and closed without notice and points accrued will be forfeited.
I have made a lot of enquiries and visited HKTDC Trade Fair but why does my reward point balance remain the same?
The reward points balance will be updated on the subsequent business day after the submission and verification of each enquiry made/ order placed at hktdc.com and HKTDC Marketplace App. Reward points gained from visiting HKTDC Trade Fairs or attending business matching will be reflected in your account in 4-6 weeks after the end of the Fair. Besides, you may have reached the maximum amount of points earned in the month if you see “+0 points” in your point history.
Do I need to submit any supporting documents with my missing points request?
Yes, please submit the following documents together with your missing points request to buyer-rewards@hktdc.org:

  • Fair visits: Please quote your buyer badge number for checking the visitor record (please ensure you have used the same badge to visit the fair).
  • For buyer meetings: Please quote the company name and visitor name used when signing up for buyer meetings.
  • Enquiries or orders submitted when sourcing on hktdc.com/ HKTDC Marketplace app: Please quote your email address used for making the enquiry
I do not want any reward, how can i withdraw from hktdc buyer loyalty rewards?
Simply inform and provide us your hktdc.com registered email address via email to buyer-rewards@hktdc.org.
What can i redeem? How can i redeem my reward?

Step 1: Login to Buyer Loyalty Rewards account with your registered email address

Step 2: Go to “Redeem Rewards” page to select your rewards and click “Redeem”

Step 3: Tap the “Gift” icon to proceed check out and fill in valid shipment information

Step 4: Rewards redemption will be completed within 4-6 weeks

How long does it take to complete the entire redemption procedure, from requesting until receiving?
It will take between 4-6 weeks. You can check the redemption status in your account.
What happened if the reward is lost, damaged or stolen during delivery?
HKTDC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cases of delivered reward.