Member Benefits

Membership Types

Contact at least one supplier on Sourcing
Visit a HKTDC Trade Fair and
attend at least one qualified event at the Trade Fair (i.e. Buyer Forum, Seminar, Networking Event, etc)
Place at least two orders on Small Orders (each with transaction value of at least USD 100) within a year, and visit at least one HKTDC Trade Fair within a year
Visit HKTDC Trade Fairs for three consecutive years
Visit the same HKTDC Trade Fair for two consecutive years and have at least two transactions with exhibitors, and
substantial online activities on Sourcing within two years
• Once members have achieved the requirement for upgrade, they will be notified in the following month.
• New membership tier will be reflected in the e-statement of the month that upgrade tier is granted.
• Members’ existing tier will be valid for one year, and will expire on the following year on the last day of the same month.
• Members who cannot achieve the specified requirements may have their membership downgraded or cancelled without further notice.
• This reward programme is by invitation only.
• More on Terms and Conditions