Application of HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards (the “Programme”)

  1. Admission to the programme is open to registered buyers (excluding buyers from Hong Kong and China) at and HKTDC Exhibitions, subject to HKTDC’s discretion.
  2. Employees of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), advertising, promotion and fulfilment agencies of the HKTDC and their respective immediate family members are not eligible to join the programme.
  3. Membership is not transferable and may only be used by the registered member.
  4. Each buyer can register for one account only, registration under multiple identities or personas will not be accepted. Suspicious account(s) will be suspended or closed without notice and Reward Points accrued will be forfeited.
  5. Each registered member must use only one unique email address to register their account, which will also remain associated with their account. If a member loses access to that email address, membership in the programme may be forfeit and all accumulated points will be lost.


  1. The programme is a loyalty rewards programme and shall be available by invitation to specific buyers only, at the sole discretion of HKTDC.
  2. There are 3 tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) of membership of which the respective members are entitled to different levels, privileges and reward redemption requirements. Upon successful enrolment and activation of membership in the programme, all buyers will be immediately granted with the Bronze membership.
  3. Upon activation of the membership, the programme will start monitoring member’s sourcing activities at HKTDC Exhibitions and on accordingly and adjust the membership level upward or downward by referring to the scale of membership qualifications published.
  4. Membership tiers will be adjusted every December of each Calendar year. Eligible members will be upgraded to a higher tier in the next year after the validation of the activities recorded. Those who cannot achieve the specified requirements may have their membership downgrade or cancelled without further notice.
  5. The programme has the right to invite any individual to become a member in a particular tier without following any contemporary scale of membership qualification.
  6. The programme membership accounts which have not recorded any sourcing activity made at for the past 24 successive months may be suspended and closed without notice and Reward Points accrued will be forfeited.

Record of Reward Points

  1. Members may check the status of points accrued by logging into HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards account.
  2. An e-statement will be sent to registered email of members every month.
  3. Reward Points are awarded in accordance with HKTDC’s offers and the Programme rules as published from time to time.
  4. All Reward Points must be earned by the registered member. Reward Points cannot be transferred or combined between accounts.
  5. Reward Points balance will be updated on the subsequent businessday after the submission and verification of each enquiry made/ order placed at and HKTDC Marketplace App.
  6. Reward Points gained from visiting HKTDC Exhibitions or attending Exhibitions activities will be reflected in member’s account 4-6 weeks after the end of the Exhibitions.
  7. Members can earn Reward Points at a maximum amount of 12,000 points per month (5,000 for sourcing activity made at or HKTDC Marketplace app and 7,000 for Exhibitions activity) and attending HKTDC Exhibitions activities.
  8. Members may not accumulate points at an Exhibition in which they or their company is an exhibitor of. HKTDC reserves the rights of voiding reward points if the member is suspected to be in conjunction with any exhibitor at the respective Exhibition.
  9. If a member is upgraded to a higher tier under the programme, additional reward points will be awarded to the member once.
  10. Reward Points shall expire after a period of time no shorter than 2 years. Reward Points earned from January to June in a year will expire on 31 December in the same year. Reward Points earned from July to December in a year will expire on 30 June in the subsequent year.
  11. Promotional messages, supplier messages, spam messages and other non-genuine activities will not be counted for the purpose of earning Reward Points. HKTDC reserves the right to void any Reward Points earned through improper activities and suspend related members’ accounts.


  1. A summary of the Privileges for each tier of the programme is set out in Member Benefits as issued by HKTDC from time to time. All Privileges shall only be available during the selected Exhibitions. All Privileges offered under the programme are not exchangeable into cash or cash equivalent.
  2. Selected HKTDC Exhibitions refers to:
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week
    • HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
    • HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Spring Edition)
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)
    • HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair
  3. Benefits or discounts offered by partners and/or other third parties may subject to changes overtime or suspended without prior notice. Please refer to HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards website for the latest information.

Rewards Redemption

  1. Redemption request(s) must be made by the member using the member’s registered email account at Redemption request(s) from a person other than the member will not be processed.
  2. To redeem awards, members are required to login their HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards account and submit a redemption request. It usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete the entire redemption procedure, however HKTDC cannot guarantee any particular time frame.
  3. Redemption request cannot be changed once submitted.
  4. Members may have to present their business card during the redemption process for verification purpose. HKTDC reserves the right to reject the redemption request of members who failed to present business card.
  5. HKTDC reserves the right to substitute any reward for a reward of equal value.
  6. Members should confirm their personal or company information provided for member registration and gift redemptions are true, correct and complete. HKTDC reserves the right to reject member’s redemption request if false information is detected.
  7. All rewards are provided on behalf of partners and/or other third party suppliers. HKTDC is neither the supplier nor manufacturer and excludes all liability in respect of rewards.
  8. Products redeemed through that do not bear our name are serviced and supported exclusively by manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service.
  9. Delivery service available for limited countries and the redemption of related rewards will not include taxes and duties associated with shipping and delivery.
  10. Some of the gift items may not be available to certain countries due to specific Customs regulations. HKTDC reserves the right to substitute any reward for a reward of equal value.
  11. Members must possess sufficient Reward Points upon submission of their redemption request form in order to redeem their chosen reward.
  12. The Reward Points required will be deducted from member’s account once the redemption is completed.

Personal Data

  1. Personal data collected will be used for marketing, promotion, research and statistics purposes. HKTDC may provide such data to the sponsors for award and redemption of prizes and/or to its agents, contractors or third party service providers on a confidential basis in the ordinary course of its business, such as data management and distribution of promotional materials. By joining the programme, members confirm they have read and agree to the HKTDC Privacy Policy Statement available at:

Other Principles

  1. HKTDC reserves the right to cancel a membership if HKTDC thinks just, or if the member has: acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive or hostile manner; more than one account; provide false information of personal/ company details; breached or violated the terms and conditions applicable to the programme. In general, HKTDC will not accept any application for membership by previous members whose accounts had been cancelled.
  2. HKTDC reserves the right to disqualify certain activities from earning reward points and amend the rules of redemption during the course of the promotion, in its absolute discretion.
  3. HKTDC reserves the right to modify HKTDC Buyer Loyalty Rewards Programme structure, benefits and other features, including these terms and conditions, or to terminate the programme at any time in its absolute discretion on notice to the member. It is the responsibility of members to keep themselves up to date in respect of the programme and the related terms and conditions. Notice is given at
  4. All documents or email communications submitted will be retained for record purposes. Members are required to keep copies for their own reference.
  5. All matters of disputes arising from the programme or the rewards are subject to the final decision of HKTDC in its sole discretion. In the event of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and conclusive.